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Today we are we are giving away money to everyone who needs money to pay loan EMI, new house, new car, educations. Everyone needs money people who say ‘money can’t buy happiness may be those people don’t know where to go shopping.

free money online
It is much better to cry in a mansion with a Ferrari parked outside. Money is crucial in our life but only very few peoples have enough money, and luckily I am one of them.

free money giveaway
I am born in a low-income family, and I didn’t have any money to buy new clothes, education, cars, so I left my college education and started doing business. My first business failed very badly, but I don’t stop there I started doing new business, and now I am a successful businessman.

give me money
Now I don’t want to look for price tags. I can buy anything I want, like new iPhone, a new car, new home anything I like without worrying about money.
Honestly, I don’t want you to live the poor life. I want every people on earth should live a happy and vibrant life.

win money instantly
So my friends and I in UAE decided to donate 30% monthly income to you guys. In short
‘Get free money now no payback.’

So we decided to conduct a weekly free money giveaway so that you take part and win money online. We want only people who need money should participate in this free money giveaway program and win free money online instantly.
Read how to get free money in your PayPal
If you require urgent money, you can use our credit card with money already on them. We don’t share credit card information with you. If you want credit cards for testing purpose please check our credit card number generator.
Yes, we are donating 30% of our monthly income to you. We are also giving our cars, clothes, watches to a local charity.
We conduct a free money giveaway online and offline. We share 30% of our monthly income through online and offline money giveaway program.
Win $10000 money give away.
With $10000 you can do many things you can go shopping, pay your EMI, Higher Education, Traveling anything you want.
How to participate in an online free money giveaway?
Our giveaway is 100% free and very easy to join. Just feel up the form below and click submit.

Thanks for participating in our online free money giveaway.

Update: We are going to the announced winner of Sep 2019. We will display winners name on this page.

Thank you

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      1. IMA mom of 9 Kidd 3 grandbabies my electricity is off I’m struggling to out a roof over their heads and keep then out of the he heat I have a 5 bedroom Home for us all but electric is thru the roof please help

    1. Fast my identity:My name is Ronald Ratna.My religion is christian (Roman catholic).My father’s name is Francis Ratna.My mother’s name is Philomina Halder.My country is Bangladesh.I am Bangladeshi christian person.I am under Saver catholic church parish.We are two brothers.I am big brother.My small brother name is Albert Ratna.He is sick of school life.My family economy condition is too much low because my father died many years ago.I have wife with me.My mother and my wife are housewife.I had a job in jamuna future company in Dhaka of Bangladesh.Now this company is stop.So I need money help for poor economic condition.I read low study for money.I read study class 10.This finish my study.I cannot very good speak and write english.Ser if you want to give me some money then I will spend it to my study and after then a small business will involve to run my family.

    2. I have a son. I’m raising on ssi not enough to live on hardly any left during the month I need extra car is not very good.needs work .single parent their any help out there.albert thank you

  1. I am homeless and could use help. Please please please. I watched my mom get beat and raped. Is that enough

  2. Help please I’m loosing my home lost job my husband passed and my mom my two brothers now I’m loosing my home please I’m desperate.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Melissa Olivas. I am 31 years old. I am a proud mother of four awesome boys ages 9, 7, 6, and 2 years. I am a full time student at Cuesta College California, I am in my first of receiving an Associates degree and becoming an RN. I am writing you because I’m hoping you will empathize with my difficulties. Now, I know that there are many people with worse hardships than I have and I am thankful for the life I do have but I am still here to ask for your assistance. I have not had an easy childhood which didn’t help my adult decision making. I have had the odds stacked against me, so to speak, and I feel like every bit of my efforts is overpowered by negativity or traumatic in some shape. I lost two sisters December 23rd 2004, a week after my 18th birthday in two separate tragic accidents. In 2011 my life crumbled and everything I know about my life blow up and took a tragic turn. We found out that my boyfriend had LWilliam Barron Hiltoneukemia and I also found out that he had been a heroin addict for many years off and on and used everything we had to support his habit. We lost everything, moved to a different city but couldn’t make it on my own so at that time I thought my only option was to call my sons grandparents and ask for help, and they moved us in so I wouldn’t be homeless with the boys. I live in their tiny two bedroom house with them, the four boys. It is not the best or most comfortable situation but we manage to make it work for now. My sons father is clean and sober and has been for two years. He has a full time job and is trying with all his might to be the father our boys need and deserve. He is doing amazing and working hard but it will be a long slow road to get where we want to be. We are in despite need of help get our family to be a whole and be able to give back my in laws home back so they can have a quiet peaceful home and retire when it is time. I have had some very traumatic incidences happen to my family this year in 2017; More recently, my step dad Warren passed from stage four pancreatic and liver cancer in February 2017 just a few weeks after he was diagnosed. Due to Warren being so sick he could not work any longer and he was bed ridden. My mom had to take a few weeks off work to care for him until he passed. My mom was found unconscious outside in her front yard the day after Warren’s services and she spend four nights in the CCU with pneumonia. She is still trying to recover. While my mom was in CCU, I received a message on Facebook from a friend of my brother saying my oldest brother Matthew was hit by truck in a hit and run incident and he is now in the CCU in a different city about five hours away. Matthew is seriously injured and has a spinal damage. Now that Matthew was released from the hospital my mom is caring for Matthew 24 hours/day and just started work again so she is under a ton of stress. She is not sure if she will be able to pay her utilities, rent, gas, food, etc. I am in need of help. I am not asking for a hand out but I am asking for a hand up. I have no home of my own, a broke down van that is always having problems, I am full time in school and the main care provider for the boys, their school and after school activities (I know its my responsibility and I love it but its exhausting) and I would love to be able to raise my boys in a home that was can grow up in and not grow out of and a vehicle that is reliable to transport my boys around. My heart hurts because no matter how hard I try; I feel like I get no where and my best is never good enough. Please help me and my family. I am losing hope and faith and I’m looking for any kind of blessing or miracle. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and hear my story. Have a beautiful and blessed day.
    -Melissa Lynn Olivas

  4. I am a single mom of 6 wonderful children. My eldest son is handicapp, diagnosed as autistic,asburger syndrom. My baby is on a lot of very expensive meds which I can not afford but half of them. my 3rd son has been diagnosed having severe add/adhd which he is also required to take medication. Not having the funds to afford the medicine my children takes puts me in a position in which I have choice which child of mine needs their medicine more. Being a parent n having to make a decision like that weighs heavy on my heArt. I feel like I am sacrificing one child’s well-being for the other and that is not fair to my children at all. You do not know what a blessing it would be g or my family to win some extra money. We struggle month to month n paycheck to paycheck not knowing if we will be able to make our rent or even keep the lights and water running just long enough to get to the next check. I have no help. No outside sources,family or friends to help me. Their father passed away 5yrs ago this past March and it has been a downwArd spiral ever since. I just have not been able to catch up whatsoever. I pray everyday for a miracle to happen that I would find some money just laying around or that God has been listening to my prays and sent an angel down to bless us with just enough money to not only catch up but to at least get 2mths ahead so that I am able to budget our funds well enough to have some put awAy in case of emergency. I dream of one day being able to catch up enough to were I am able to buy my own Home so that when I pass away I will be able to leave my children something so that they never have to worry and struggle the way we are doing now. They deserve so much greater then I have ever been able to provide. But until a miracle happens or that angel shows up I will continue to do everything in my power to provide for my children. I will continue to work my hardest to reach not only my goal of getting 2mths ahead but one day owning a home of our own. Thank you so much for your help.

  5. I am a single mother in a abusive relationship that I am trying to get out of. I have no family and no money. I am trying to do best for my children. I need help with a car and a new home away from the place I am at… PLEASE IM IN NEED OF HELP…


  7. Hi there, I have been searching the web for answers on how to get ahead a little bit financially, I am a newly single mum who had to start from the beginning and my power was cut of 2 days ago but thankfully have worked out a plan with origin. Also my rent is coming up to 3 weeks behind , my realesate is so lovely and understanding as they can see I’m do I g the best I can . But if I can’t pay soon my children and I will be homeless. Because the fudge was off while the power was out mostly all my food went off and I and to throw it out. My Nan has bought us a few items of food which I am so thankful for I just don’t know what to do next. My babies Ocean and Hudson are 2 and 3 and I’m finding it harder and harder to explain to them why we can’t do as much as a lot of other families. I’m not asking for a hand out I will work for you or do what ever I can if you please could help me out for now. Please. Thank you Nakita

  8. I work full time and I have just been diagnosed with an illness that is affecting my ability to work. I don’t want to claim sickness benefits as I want to work. I am in lots of debt and if I need to keep earning the money I am now to enable me to finish paying it off but I can’t continue where I am. I need to find new work but that means a big pay cut. I need money for pay my debts and put a little aside while I find new work. I would be so very grateful for any donation. Thanks.

  9. stuck in a spot not greedy . just nowhere to turn . all i need is a part for my can to get my child back and forth from school and necessary appoints like doctors and so on.

  10. HI!
    What a lovely idea you have here, helping people who really need it.
    I am a 44year old homeless man with a 8 year old dog, we have been homeless for a couple of years.
    For 1,5 years I have been free from drugs ( heroin and amfetamine) and have now been trusted with a training apartment from the 18th of April.
    I am very happy for the roof over our heads, but I have no furniture.
    No bed to sleep in, nothing to cook food with or plates to eat on and nothong to eat it with, no table or chair to sit at. No TV, sofa, computer, stereo, cd, vinyl turntables or speakers.
    But I have a apartment, my dog, almost my health and a dream of a man who loves and respect me and perhaps I can get a decent job in the near future.
    Every little thing that I can get will be a blessing, a thing of value in my now empty apartment.

    Best wishes to all homeless still struggling and thanks to all good people who help them.

    / Joakim and Doo-doo

  11. “Give me money”
    I feel so rude even typing that i think,this offically my lowest moment and,if,it wasnt for my babies i dont think,i,could have brought my self to do,this..HELP PLEASE

  12. Hi can u help me plz I’m a mother of 7 I live with plates and screws in my ankle and I am being honest I need help with bills etc if u can help me thank u God bless my my email address is it’s also my PayPal

  13. I would love some extra money I am a soon to be mother in about 2 months I don’t have an income due to complications and I literally am on the the verge of being say download a link but I don’t see the link to download

  14. We could really use this kind of blessing. I ended up losing my job for trying to take care of my grandparents; my grandma is diabetic type 2, she had a spill (her 3rd one) broke her arm from it, and shortly after that she had a stroke. Bills are hard to up keep on, because of my recorded reason of release from my previous job it’s been hard to land another one, plus I don’t think I can get income out of care taking for her. She needs someone at her aid at all times everyday. I’m just overwhelmed and stressed about it all. My domestic partner lost his job. It’s really expensive to live up here in southeast of Alaska. Cost for food is outrageous, as well as utility bill, fuel etc. I wish I could be proven that my outlook on my life isn’t terrible luck all the time.

  15. Please let me borrow a credit card because my dad beats me up and my mum with metal stick and please I need money!

  16. My son of 23 years old past away and I am having a hard time paying for a lot of my bills and such it would really help us if you gave us some money thanks if you do

  17. please help me I have a 2 month old beautiful baby boy and I don’t know how we are going to survive and I’m scared to death I don’t want to be a bad mum or person but I am lost and out of options social services wants to take my son and I wont allow them near him so I fled the shelter and cant go home my parents disowned me for not having an abortion. the father up and left me when I was in labor with my car and contents which was everything I managed to get together whilst what I had been living in and some childhood items I managed to get from my parents home. I don’t blame people for the situation I am currently in and don’t really understand why is this so horrific and why wont anyone listen to me about how I only need to be shown the way to get back on my feet I don’t want to be given a free ride I aint about that I like to earn my way in this world it builds character and gives you wisdom in ways only going threw life’s ups and downs will learn you and give me a chance to be a good mum and believe in me. I left college at 8 months pregnant cause I had a choice its either leave voluntarily or get kicked out.. I was made to feel like I had no choice but to do whatever it takes to survive and keep my unborn child safe and I want you to know ANYTHING you can do to help would be like a gift from god above and all I need is one sign that angels do exist and that there is still some good people in this world cause I am unable to see threw the hate that fills people it consumes them and I will not allow myself to ever be that way I am strong and with your help and good wishes I will be okay and know that my beautiful boy Thomas is born into a world of promise and hope..

  18. hi if it is true,u just save not my life but my family life,i ve a mother with stroke and i dont ve money to take care of her anymore,my bussiness is down im in serious debt i try all i could but no one to about to commit sucide cos to eat is so hard no we dont ve a house to live,we are homeless,pls do help me i beg u in God name,i feel depress all day.pls before i loose my life.tanks

  19. Hi, My name is Shavis and I would hope you can help me out so I can get out to find me a job! I last work back in Oct 2016 when I lost my job! Everything has been so hard for me lately since this happen, I’m not able to drive my car because of no insurance, and my car hasn’t been inspected! I’ve been online putting applications everyday but can’t get out to interview. So far now I’ve been donating plasma twice a week to come up with some of the money to help towards getting insurance and my tags straight, but it’s not enough because of the elapse I have to pay a fine also which settles everything with my tags! I know there’s alot of other people are going through hard times with a problem worst than mines and I hope they get help also, but if there’s any chance you can help me out I really appreciate your support and blessings! Thank you some much for your time and effort! Shavis C. 870 Pitts St. Apt 204 Winston-Salem, NC 27127

  20. Give me money now please…my two boys and i are losing our home and we just lost our car and we dont have enough for bills now im also trying to finish school but its becoming impossible due to money…please please help.

  21. Im not greedy but a couple hunderd to get on my feet would help lots so i can finish my ged and have to money to get myself signed up for the class

  22. I will give of myself freely. I am in need of cash for goals that involve my children. I just want to be the father they deserve

  23. hello I’m a kid whose parents are close to becoming broke but for Christmas i just want to get minecraft byt they could afford it so plz help me

  24. Please help, I have a really bad skin condition that makes my hair fall and leave scars on my head. I tried to use the credit card numbers and none worked, please help.

  25. Please help, I have a really bad skin condition that makes my hair fall and leave scars on my head. I tried to use the credit card numbers and none worked, please help.

  26. Please help, I tried to use the credit card numbers but they don’t work, I have really bad skin condition that makes my hair fall and leave scars.

  27. i am really in need of money like i have family economic crisis and my father and mother both work day and night to pay off the loan

  28. hello, please, i am in terested in this. but which of the files should i download. pls can i have your number hear? thanks

  29. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your kindness.i live in a poor village in West Africa and I need your financial help.

  30. I’m going to be have twins girls 8/16/2017 and I am going through it. Asking for a ccn with the value valid and reliable sources of around 85.Asking for a lottery ticket or something like that. I’m a victim of the dead and the disaster relief efforts in Oroville and see what I mean robbery of the every thing times. Not sure how to find the little green men but I need to come up. but I don’t have a car a home clothes noted that this is a nothing value of my life is a horrendous murder mystery of the seed planter and i see no pot of water on the yellow brick road not a cloud of gold to get a new one for the rainbow bridge and the 2 little people to get need a new one please don’t forget to spell it out backwards RUN isn’t NUR

  31. just another playa looking to get on my feet just got out
    the pen and in need to get on my feet. there anyone want to help
    a playa out ?????

  32. Really need help, father and Grandfather attempting to get back on my feet and rebuild my life through a humble and honest approach with the Lord beside me and would be willing to pay back the money or return the favor to someone else, all I have is my word and my love for life, the Lord, and helping others any way I can on a daily basis and sincerely …if someone will give me the opportunity to prove myself. God Bless you!!!

    I have always dreamt of owning a car. Please can you give me some money to buy a car. It will take me twenty to thirty years to buy one if I save up because my salary is not healthy or my family will livecome n poverty if I do so. I come from a developing country called Papua New Guinea. In my country’s currency, the car costs about K200 000.It’s unaffordable. I am now asking if you could make my dream come true.

  34. I am a single mother of 3 children and co-parenting has never really been an option. (Can explain more in detail if I receive a reply). I’m working and trying to take care of them and trying to rebuild our lives after 2 serious health battles I had to fight. Help would be appreciated but never expected.

  35. I lost my job my girlfriend and currently have health problems unaligned me work. Money would help don’t get me wrong but is this for real???

  36. I REALLY NEED MONEY, IM SO POOR, HOPELESS. Even the food cant afford to buy. Please help me. ๐Ÿ™

  37. How can I possible do get cash online to my account with out getting caught up with the banking system online. Help please as I need cash badly to get a house and car and travel

  38. Its not working the visa and it’s asking for a name which name do I add ??please advise me
    As I’m desperate. Many thanks and may you all be blessed.

  39. I could really use some help right now. I need to get my teeth fixed so I can have confidence in myself to better myself. Man I would do anything if I could get this help. Thank you.

  40. sir
    my name is chethan . i am very sad with my life because all my friends tease me because i am poor . i live in a village in india . please help with 1000 dollars . so that i can shut the mouth of my friends .please sir

  41. I need help with money I’m sick of my cheap monthly incomes with a very low money, rpls provide me free money give away somehow Thanks

  42. This is Adam South Africa I’m a deaf I’m sick! I need money now for medical, i want to go to college but have no money ๐Ÿ™

  43. hello well I wont say this doesn’t ever happen because nothings impossible but for this type of blessing to come my way not a chance in hell. lol don’t get me wrong I’m raelly not a negative person but when u go thru a certain amount of things your mind tends to shift. I am the biggest fan of FAITH and GRATTITUDE and I will always be. I kinda always do this to myself because I cant find the courage to tell people no when I see that they need help especially when they have kids and I really kow what it it
    feels like to not have anyone there to help you and I have 4 kids and we have to come up with the rest of the rent money or you already know the rest and I done gotten the eviction papers already he trying to give a break but how much of break can he give me everybody has to pay rent. my car caught on fire about 2 weeks ago while me and my youngest son were on our way home. the troubles don’t stop there but I survived every other struggle I’m sure this too shall pass. I could go on and on but I’m sure you know just as well as I do that once it rains it pours. but its just a waiting period. I commend you all for the work that you all do to go out of your way to help others if this is true like I sa. but if not FOOD FOR THOUGHT their are really people out there THAT REALLY NEED IT. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!

  44. My dad passed away in 2009 and he left me with a mortgage debt i been working non-stop since i was 16 years old I haven’t had a vacation or a day off or had real fun in years. I take care of my mom who is elderly. If i have the help i would deposit half to the mortgage account and half i would spend taking my mom on a trip.

  45. Hello, i would be so humbled, and. Give when i can, but times are hard single widowed mum two boys

  46. We had to sell most of our electronics to get food. We need the money. We consist of two children ( a girl who is 7, and as boy who is 11) the boy is autistic, btw. A single mom, and myself, the eldest brother. I am 17, but I cannot get a paying job due to me having too babysit my siblings 24/7. Please help us!

  47. I just need to get back to a normal life and I have learned since my past experiences and im planning on the best future possible!!!!!

  48. I can use extra money ,,I don’t get much from disability and don’t like to ask my family that have a family of there own. I eat at my friend’s house with it is embarrassing and do my laundry there thank you

  49. It is very embarrassing and please don’t give my email out. I just watch a video that this guy was giving all this money out to three people it made me so emotion and so very happy for them. They should of said a place to live food clothes and s car

  50. I really need money to pay off my debt. Please give me money. I need the money to get back to my wife and child please help me by giving.

  51. We have thesame situation at young age
    My father was dead and my mother get married again to someone. I need money for me to come back in school and pursue my studies thank you very much. God bless you

  52. Please help us take mama Tina home. She is currently confined in a hospital for more than two months now because she has a motor neurons disease. We needed money for the hospital bill and to buy or rent a ventilator machine because she can’t breath on her own.

  53. I’ve lost all my retirement due to poor investment decisions now out of a job no income with bills up to my neck will you please help me.

  54. Your Comment I really need some money to pay my house bill and feeding i lost my parent with a car accident please help me

  55. Bless you, just started a new job, waiting for my first payday, could use a little help until then

  56. Hi i am a single mother of 4 and i recently lost my job 3months ago,i am about to loose my apartment and my lights are about to be turned off,all i can do is pray all day for a blessing,i don’t no what to do anymore!!!PLEASE can you help us out

  57. I could really use some money. I am gonna be kicked out of my apartment and cant afford anything. Please help

  58. Please help. I was working a temporary job at local diary plant and my position was eliminated due to Union protectionism rules. I was promised to get hired and the company broke it words. Not getting hired cost me thousands of dollars. I have mounting debt. Please help if you can. Thanks

  59. What am I supposed to fill in for the name field so the card doesn’t get flagged for fraudulent activity. Thanks

  60. Im seriously in tears right now. All my life I have said I will be rich one day, and I still believe this is very true. All i can say is life has dealt me some very serious and unfortunate harships. And no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to make it out of this pit. About 3 years ago I lost my little brother/ best friend and roommate on st Patrick’s day 2013 ironically he was born on Halloween 1987.he was only 25. At the time he has everything any young man could ask for including a great job with ESPN on the film crew of NASCAR.although Robbys life seemed picture perfect , he was actually miserable and very depressed. All he would ever talk about in his last days was how he had this weird void inside of him that he couldn’t explain. An emptiness at the time he felt this way I recently had moved in with him after ending a ten year relationship, this relationship self destructed whe the two of us began abusing pain meds which ultimately left me no choice. If I wanted my life back , I Had to get I made plans to quit my job, part ways with my then girlfriend and move in with my brother. You can probably imagine all the new goals and big dreams I made with the fresh start I’d given myself. After quitting my job, I decided to go in business with a good friend doing Home Remodels etc. BUSINESS boomed in residential and commercial projects, but it all can to a tragic hault the morning of March 17 2013. The police chaplain was at our door with the news that Robby was dead. In that moment only 6 short months since I’d moved in, it was over. I fell deep into a depression that caused me to lose hope In all my goals and made me feel like everything meant absolute nothing if we are all dying anyways. To sum things up. I am now 4 yrs sober and in a new relationship happily engaged to be married. Unfortunately my depression Carried into the present causing us to lose everything we’ve spent a lifetime to earn. It is to the Pont now were homeless living in our truck just scraping by. But even as bad as it has gotten I refuse to give up on being who i dream of constant ly. At the moment I have a patent pending for a athletic clothing line /apparel brand and I know for certain if I was given the money to pay my truck off , buy a travel trailer and be given the resources to make my company a top tier business I would be so thankful and blessed by people just like me. And like you guys… when I become Rich, i too will help people take their lives back! So “GIVE ME MONEY “!, your friend Scotty

  61. I need help so bad I lost my car my husband need bail out of jail he fighting life cant help him out money u think yall can help please an someone stole bubble my dog

  62. I’m not gonna lie I want money I don’t need it. I just don’t want people at my school laughing at me anymore because i’m the only 8th grader without a phone.

  63. I could really use some money to help take care of stepsons and husband. Our newborn son passed away and so it’s hard on all of us. We are struggling to support our kids and we can’t buy a lot of food and have a lot of bills to pay before we lose our house then we’ll be on the streets with our two sons.

  64. Hi my name is natahlia and i lost my job due to haveing a baby now im stuck in the streets with three kids and no home please help

  65. I would really like to become debt free and achieve freedom from the bankers so I may help others do the same.
    luck and success

  66. I would please like some help I am 1 of 5 children in my house and my parents have a hard time keeping us clothed and fed

  67. i really need help with many things im now raising my four nephews and its not easy trying to pay for school as well.

  68. Have 3 kids and going to loose our home. Is this to good to be true…if not please help..we need money…we will pay it forward..many blessings..

  69. Just have to say you guys have truly amazing hearts….just watched the videos. Wow what a blessing. Just amazing.the world right now needs more of you.

  70. Looking for help to purchase a new vehicle mine was stolen and it was uninsured at the time unfortunately my insurance lapsed because I was between jobs therefore now that I’m back at work I have to walk two and a half miles everyday and One Direction it takes me an hour and 20 minutes to walk to work and an hour and 20 minutes to walk home so on top of an eight and a half hour work day that adds another two and a half hours it is very difficult for me to do this type of rock is for I am partially disabled and I have no help from the US government unfortunately therefore I would be interested in your program and helping me out to purchase a new vehicle thank you so much and God bless you and all who are involved

  71. Looking for help to purchase a new vehicle mine was stolen and it was uninsured at the time unfortunately my insurance lapsed because I was between jobs therefore now that I’m back at work I have to walk two and a half miles everyday and One Direction it takes me an hour and 20 minutes to walk to work and an hour and 20 minutes to walk home so on top of an eight and a half hour work day that adds another two and a half hours it is very difficult for me to do this type of rock is for I am partially disabled and I have no help from the US government unfortunately therefore I would be interested in your program and helping me out to purchase a new vehicle thank you so much and God bless you and all who are involved you are a godsend and may you find peace wherever you go

  72. I am in need of money to get a shelter for my family. I have two kids one 6 and other 9 years. I will be greatful to you if you will help me . May god bless you for this good job and you keep in progressing.

    Thank you

  73. Dear friend,
    We have created a asssociation in Belgium,The reason we have created this association is to help the poorest children in Equatorial Guinea,We have already collected clothes and school supplies, but now we have no funds to send these things in Equatorial Guinea, so we ask for help if you can help us
    The name of the association is akumkie asbl, it is legal in Belgium
    thank you very much
    Name:Ubaldo Nve Mico
    Adress: Rue Monulphe 81
    4000 Liege

  74. I’m very sick. And I have a brother who can not move on his feet. Before that, we had a wheelchair on an electric motor, but it also broke. Social assistance in our country does not care about us, and his pension and my salary will never cover my treatment and repair of a wheelchair. I’m so exhausted from my illness and like my brother … Please help. Beg you.

  75. Hi my name is erika and im not able to work becuze i have a kidney problem im 29 years old and have 5 wounderful childrent but unfortunatly my ex kiddnaped my 3 oldest kids and have no money to hire anyone to find then and he stole them took them to mexico pleas help me if i had the money to have a transportation or a way to go find then in a blink of an eye i would please help me i need my life back tgank you

  76. I am a single father of an 8 year old girl. I do not recieve government assistance, i do not go ask for help at food drives, I work for everything i provide. It may not be much but I earned it. The November before last my home burned down, causing me to lose everything. I wass stranded on the streets of Atlanta with nothing but what I was wearing, and a guitar. In the course of a year, I had managed to get a job starting as a minimum wage labor, moving up to run an entire division, and then move on to being a talented sales leader. I have gained custody of my daughter, repaired my driving privledges, paid for dental surgery, and helped as many as i could a long the way. Even when i wasnt in a position to do so. Now this last month my home has started falling into a sink hole, my health is deteriorating to the point where i had my first two heart attacks last week. At the younge age of 38. My fiance is dealing with mental instability, and my daughter feels ignored. My vehicle has blown its engine, and my cat is pregnant. I dont know if Im gonna live to see the end of this turn of bad luck. If this website isnt a scam, or a joke, or any other desperate scenario, i would like to express my strong desire to find a financial relief in some sort of way. I would be forever indebited, and grateful.

    Thank you.
    ( Casper Allen Beck)

  77. Please help.
    I have tried everything. I have filled out 100+ job applications, applied for loans and grants, borrowed money from family. but I can’t seem to make enough to get out of this rut. I have gone the past 6 months off buttered bread and noodles. my rent is behind, is have medical bills due and my cat is ready to fall apart. I want to do better. I want to be successful. I just can’t seem to get ahead, so I would really appreciate some help.

  78. I am not seeing the form to fill out to enter for the give away
    Please email me with where I can find the form or if possible please email me the form so that I can fill the form out to enter for a chance to win

  79. I am Anekwe Paul Ndubude, I live in Lagos, Nigeria, an indigene of Biafra.
    Please, I really need fund to start up a business. I’m an ND graduate, no job due to the nature of government we are in to, the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

    I have suffered many disappointment in getting a job. I have even searched and searched the internet for online job end up fallen into scammers. Please, I need fund to start my own business, build my world, wipe off the tears of poverty from my eyes.

    When I behold my mother who has suffered to make sure that I went to the city and further my education up till this level with her small farmland in theย  village’ and I have nothing to offer her, I feel like I’m of no use. Please help me with fund to start a business, be independent, make my mother happy. I have brothers but they are still struggling to survive.

    Please find a reason to help me, am not an opportunist, I only need help. The life I live no longer interest me knowing fully well that I have nothing to secure my tomorrow.
    We are in a country where if you don’t have any body in the government or rich, then your survival of making good living will be difficult only if God intervenes. I will due appreciates every help from you. Thanks.

    Please find it inclusive my money account:


    Bank;ย ย  Fidelity Bank Nigeria
    Nล;ย ย ย ย ย ย  6232580139
    Name ;Anekwe Paul Ndubude

  80. Hi. I am looking for help as I have been unable to work following a car crash last year. I have tried to pay my way using all my savings and juggling credit cards and now have nothing left and large debts to pay. I had surgery on my back last week and do not know yet if this has been successful so I still do not know whether/when I will be able to get back to work.

    My partner has been put on notice of redundancy due to cutbacks at her firm and so we are facing the prospect of losing our house, bankruptcy and not being able to look after our 1 year old child. I am at my wits end and do not know what to do. My debts are now amounting to ยฃ30k. Anything that you could do to help us would be so much appreciated and will change our lives. Bless you.

  81. the bank froze my account and i am going to lose everything i am tired off the control the credit card companies and banks have on our lives please help me to even the playing field.

  82. My dad passed away months ago & in need of $$money$$ to pay my mum debt.

    Thank you in advance if you are kind & sincere person to help us.

    Everyday must have patient though hard/struggle.. Thank you there is still a person like you today.

  83. I need help bad. I am a single mother with no help from her father at all. Not only do i just take care of my child. I also help my grandmother, mother, and little sister financially. I currently just lost my job and place to stay. Being the fact that i lost my job. I hadn’t been able to help my mother or anyone not even help myself.. If there is any way that you would be able to help me. I would surely appreciate it.
    Thank you so much for your time
    God bless you

  84. My little sister is pregnant and has a 2 yr old she just left her abusive husband and shelter is gona kick them out were in colorado can u please help 7192014296 402 s 10th st colorado springs co 80905

  85. Want to build a mercy seat need to fix kingdom, and I need a lot of available funds to buy everything so I can make the route from a b and b a again, JESUS CHRIST

  86. Good day my name is Vuyani a South African citizen and widower with 4 kids one girl and three boys, I recently lost my job because the company close down and now am having a financial burden of renting the apartment, feeding my four kids and paying for their School fees and transportation, I really need assistance just to feed my kids and their education is much more important to me. I would really appreciate it if you can assist me thank you and may God bless you.

  87. My house has just got sold by bank, we are being about to be kicked to the curb. Some cash to pay for a little house would be very appreciated.

  88. Hi I hate to ask you for money my house caught on fire I have 6 kids my kids are 1 ,2,6,9,12,14 I had red cross help but they can only do so much I have no clothing , furniture,tv,toys ,beds,dressers, school stuff, car key won’t work cause it’s the one shaped like a key with a chip in it please help Tabatha you can call 630 379 7558 my phone is off using someone else’s phone ty
    Please help asap need money to get on my feet anything you can spare will be a blessing ty so much
    This isn’t my email but u can email or send a text to the number because my phone needs to be paid

  89. Have recently spoke with attornies while debating Chapter 13 bankruptcy, after taking out a few online payday loans to catch up when I was behind. However, these loans have did nothing but cause me a financial disaster. Any little amount would help in getting these loans out of the way.


  90. “Give Me Money ”

    Hi my friends, Thank you so much in the name of God. I really thank to God that I found this site which I believed, this will be the entry point of gaining my money for me to fulfill my duty for my family, my two kids and my wife.

    Thank you so much.



  91. I need money my husband is in prison for a year and I am a disabled diabetic person working full time and still struggling to get by till he comes home. Can’t work two jobs stressed out enough my doctor says another job would kill me please help no hot water barley any food and clothes bills are pilling up. I am desperate need of money. Have a heart God Bless.

  92. Hello,

    I urgently need money to pay down my student loans to be able to return to school to finish my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. I also need money to pay off a car loan that is under water.

    Thank you

  93. I’m starting university/college in two weeks and I really need some money to tide me over until my student loan comes through.

  94. I am in need of money to kickstart my international online investments.I can be very happy if paypal can help as i am already the credt card in waiting for my final active code to fully paticipate in active business member.

  95. Torayellow13
    September 9 2017

    I have been unemployed all year. Looking for work with no luck. I can’t do the heavy factory work anymore and I don’t have any other experience plus I owe on Student Loans and can’t afford to go back to school and finish my Associate in Arts Degree..Both my parents got sick at the same time, took time off from work and ended up loosing both Parents to cancer and my Job.. Ended up homeless after that and now I am just living day to day.. I keep praying and trying to not loose my faith..Thank You for listening and God Bless You for what you have accomplished on your Beautiful Soul. Thank You๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

  96. In my earlier post I mention being homeless but forgot to mention that family took me in.. Thank You and Many Happy Returns..๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜„

  97. am 27years now i lost my parents when i was 9years since then have been try to make all hands meet but everything is not going well please sir/ ma help me thanks

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