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Many people ask us to give me money, and we reply them with the message ‘You need money I will give some money to you’.There are many ways you can get free money from rich people fast. You can ask rich people for money online.

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give me money
You can email rich people for money. We are giving some money to people who need money for their daily need. Yes, this is real we are the group of people living all around the world. We share 25% of our monthly income to charity.
I live in Dubai, and I am doing great with my business. I love to help people in debt. Many people email me, call me and ask us to forgive me money, and I give them money without payback. I know rich people who give money to those in need. We are the Millionaires that giving money on a website to the individual.
Many of my friends are rich, and they made millions with their business. They want to give away some money to you guys.
You can take advantage of this giveaway and win some money.

give me money fast
This scheme is Not:
1>Multilevel marketing scheme
2>No scam
3>No payback
We are just sharing what we have. We give you money no string attached.
How can you get free money from us?
We conduct giveaway through our website, so you need to check out our giveaway program page for current giveaway.
Participate in our daily giveaway program. No need to submit your credit card details. We don’t want any details from you. Keep your credit card safe for shopping, EMI, money for college education, money for bills.

You can contact us for money use our contact us page.
Enter your real name and email.
Start your message with “give me money” and then enter why you need money from us.
We typically reply within 4-5 hours all emails.
Contact us now we love to help each and every people contact us. Because we believe in sharing, we made millions, and we lose nothing by sharing the small pie of our money to you guys.
If you or your friend some money send them to us, we will give them money.
Ask us ‘Give me money ‘ and we will give you money.

Update: We are going to display the list of person who is eligible for over program.Thanks



165 thoughts on “Give Me Money Now”

  1. Give me money, i want to use it to build a house and to help my family. This sufferness is too much, please i beg of you. Thanks alot.

  2. Give me money. I am asking that you give me money, so that I can move into my own place.(I’m on a fixed income, and will have to save up for at least 6 months in order to save up the amount for a security deposit) In order to get into an apartment, I’ll need $550.00 for security deposit. After that, I’m hoping you’ll be able to send me a bit more cash, so that I can buy basic furnature. I do not currently own a bed.

  3. Give me money!

    Hi my name is Sandy Pitts and I am deep in debt and I have no money and I need your help. My husband left me with our two sons and daughter on the way. I work very hard everyday to do the best I can for my children, but it is not enough. We are close to being left out on the streets and homeless, and I only want to provide for my wonderful babies. I would really appreciate any help. Will you please contact me via email at if you can give me some free money. Thank you so much.
    Sandy Pitts, Harry Pitts, Alex Pitts, and Megan Pitts

    1. Hi,I need a money b coz my familys situation not well well,an my father dead past 6 years,an my dreams most poor buddy’s help us an poor children help us and my mother condition not well b coz she is diabetes patient and my condition not well then operation fees an doctors fees not afort,and my education fees nothing my, so plz help me plz help me I need a money,

  4. Hi I’m Vanessa, I need $900 for rent. Please.

    If you could my address is 25483 134th street, Maquoketa Iowa. The zip is 52060

    1. Give me money. Hi I’m Vanessa, I need $900 for rent. Please.

      If you could my address is 25483 134th street, Maquoketa Iowa. The zip is 52060

      My email is vanessacourter505@gmail

      Ignore the first message

  5. Give me money. Im a single parent and would love to settle my debts. Im renting now but would love to have my own home someday and this money would really me. Thank you

  6. Hello,

    i am in need of money for rent and tuition. I also need to pay a ticket home to see my family however, i cant make enough money. Please help me.

    God bless.

  7. Give me Money!!! I would like to know if I could get $3,000 to $7,000. What would the money be going to? It would be going to college and medical school. You see I want to become a general surgeon and that takes years of school and a lot of money which I don’t have. So the little bit of money you can give me even if it’s not the amount that I asked for and it’s less than that I would be very thankful to even get as much as you can give me. You see I want to become a surgeon because the body everything about it is my passion I just love everything about it. Getting this job would mean a lot to me but I got to go to school first and I would need money to pay for it. Also with this job I would get money and this money wouldn’t just go towards me but to people who need surgery, emergency surgery but can’t pay for it i would be there to simply help and I would also donate some money to kids around the world who are less fortunate. I’m a very caring person, so the money you were to give me would help a lot because in the future I would be able to help out more people because someone like you gave me a chance and helped me out. I thank you for reading this and I understand you get a lot of request and if you can’t give me money I understand there are more people out there in need but I thank you for taking the time out of what you were doing to read this.

  8. I need money to do lincece.please help me I’m unemployed and I want to study traffic courses. I need money.

  9. Give me money, my dad and I live in a run down trailer that had no hot water no heat only one bed no stove nothing really that’s absoultely needed to live on so being able to at least fix my dad and I home up to living standards would be such a blessing!

  10. Plz help me i need to pay my phone bill and i live in my car that dosent work i I’m in extreme need of help please and thank u

  11. Give me money to pay off my bills i have a $3500 electric bill i have been trying to pay down I am a single mother of 3 and work hard to keep a roof over their head and them fed my house is falling a part because my landlord is a slumlord and wont fix anything the electric got so high because of electric heaters because the furnance is broken i have a hole in my bathroom floor i just want stability and to get ahead

  12. hi there I am desperate. I spent $16,000 to buy a new reliable car which was all the money I had to my name and before I was able to get it insured I made the huge mistake of driving it to my new job as a pre school teacher. About a a week after I started my job I was hit by a drunk driver on my way home who also did not have insurance which left me with no way to have it repaired. I love my job but have to take 3 buses to get there and back so I almost never can make it on time and am afraid I will be fired. I had the damage to my vehicle estimated at around $3200 and can’t afford that and all the bills I am paying but I Also can’t afford to lose my job. If you can help me at all I would be forever grateful.

  13. I am in need of money and do not see the option to request just to send the information for help to pay my rent if you can help me out I will greatly appreciate it.

  14. I am in need of some money to go through a spiritual insinuation insinuation but I don’t have the money to pay for it and after the insinuation I would not of to worry about money any more if you can help me I would really speedboats it and if there is any spiritual things that you would like to know I could let you please reply thank you

  15. Give me money, it’s weird to say it like that, you don’t own me nothing, I woul’d like to have some money so I coul’d start to live my life independently. I also need to help my mom pay for bills and this year I gonna have to drop off school to go to work ’cause my mom can’t pay for my school or my sister’s (10y) can you help me?

  16. I can help my dad he is disabled he can t work bc he has bone on bone in his back he not wheel chair he walk but I just wanted to get his favorite car.fix that would help us lot thank so much I hope u guys have good day .

  17. give me money
    hello my name is Curtis I’ve been out of work for a few months I start a new job in a week. I’m behind on rent and on the verge of getting avicted unless I can give some money towards my rent at the end of this month so I would like to ask for $2500 . I hope you consider helping me out it would be great. yours sinserly Curtis

  18. Please give me just a little money. Not much at all, just enough to be to buy a reliable source of transportation for me to commute back and forth to work and get my kids to and from where they’ve got to go. I’m struggling to try and stay afloat . Doesn’t matter what or how it looks just safe and reliable for my 3 babies. Thank you and god bless y’all.

  19. To whom it may concern
    Hello i was wondering if mayb you could help im a bit backed up on my bills n recently was reunited with my daughters after 11 years its been hard to b able to spend time with them they r a bit busy with school n soft ball games i try n go as much as possible but i don’t have a car so i ride the bus but they do ask me mom can we go to the mall just to walk around but its uncomfortable to b with out money cause I cant afford to buy them something cause the mall is so expensive!!!!! N one of my daughters is turning 15 n has told me she is having a party n would like me too b there I could b there but now my ex-husband is asking if i can help out with the expensives n i dont know whst to do or how to get quick cash if u really r giving away money can u b able to help me out please i would greatly appreciate it n so will my daughters thank you hope to hear from you soon
    Sincerely ale

  20. Hello my name is angel I’m having a real hard time right now I have an eviction notice please help me and my two kids please I’m looking for work every day but nothing yet I’ll accept what ever you can give me

  21. Hello sir i am poor girl live in little town i need money 2lacks . I even don’t no u help r not but i need money please help i will thankful u hole life

  22. i my name is suhana i’m 23 years old..
    i don’t have a work couse my place is not easy to get some work and i’m not finest my school.. becouse i’m helping my mom to work my mom she old already.. i want to help her i want to make some bisnes for our life here.. so my mom can rest happy and we need to pay to a hospital couse my mom sick last month so we connot pay them couse we are so poor;( so if u are really there please help us… u can email me at
    i just need some $20.000 above
    god bless u thank u

  23. Give me money for the love of my life is dead and the twins girls are due to be born in August and the Oroville dam disaster took my house and everything else that was in it. And the car was in a Accident on the hwy 70 total it was to late to slow down 2016 Honda civic touring coup 5 speed manual transmission and the beast of my engine optimization is a key component of the Chevy blue color love my car but it is okay, please don’t forget about the three of us who are desperate for a helpful hand

  24. Give me money. I am a single mom of three and about to lose our home. I can’t have my kids without a home I am desperate I need $2000 in the next 10-11 hours or we will have nowhere to go please please help!

  25. Give me money please so I could pay off my debt and then me and my daughter can have a stress free life. The amount of debt I owe is £3000 and its really my biggest stress in life right now. Please can you help, Many thanks and god bless.

  26. I need money urgently to pay off debt as it happens after I purchase a house through a lawyer, but after I’ve paid them fled, and the company has closed. I had to borrow money from friends and family members to make immediate payment to the agency’s new lawyers (legal in my state require the services of lawyers for buying a house) .Now I am depressed, my life is so unpredictable .I do not know how can I settle these debts.
    Debts that have destroyed my life, once upon a time I had to borrow a gold chain from my mother to pay the debt, but it is still not enough .Now I must atone for my mother’s gold chain and also to pay the debts of others.

    currently my relationship with her mother became estranged mother is everything to me and I want to finish everything as quickly as possible .I do not want my mother depressed because of his age has reached 75 years old .I want to reclaim the gold chain that was my mother tax on leasing agency. this is a last resort for me, that is asking for help from anyone who wants to help me.

    May God give you grace and increase your sustenance is willing to help me.

  27. to anyone who wants to help me you can put the money through the bank account
    account number 7616908223 (CIMB Bank)

  28. I need money immediately to open a small grocery store .I do not have enough capital to develop the store is like buying basic equipment for a grocery store now is that I had to pay high rent in fact my shop has not yet fully operational due to lack of funds to provide a variety of merchandise.

    I hope there will be people in this world who are kind to help me, because I also aim to help people who needs help if I succeed as entrepreneurs.

  29. Describe what you will use the money for:
    I will use they money to pay off bills and debt get food for my family and clothes and get a new place that isn’t falling apart and doesn’t have bed bugs and towards things we need for the new house
    I’m a 22yrd old mother me an my family have been struggling from the start I lost my job over a year ago and my husbands income ssd $759 a month isn’t enough I need help for my family until I find a job

  30. ‘Give me money’
    Please I’m desperate I need a lot .may you all be blessed in everything good.
    Thank you so much much much !!!

  31. Give me money please my children and I recently lost our home. So we are staying with my mom and her husband who makes it clear daily that we are not welcome. I am a single mother of 4 and a divorcee who just need help starting over.

  32. ‘Give me money ‘ hello i realy need some money to start over. I quit my job beacuse of stress, and now i have several thousand of debt. My goal is to start over with new life but debt holding me back and its frustrating. dont konw if this site work, but im already trying to get money on crazy way 😀

  33. i have 4 kids 3girls and one boy who is in grade 12 i Just want him to go study if he finish but i don’t have nothing to offer him to go study am Just struggle with work don’t have my own plot living on peoples plots,i just want all of them to finish and get study because i was not having that changes to finish my school please help me to get my own plot and for kids to finish and study

  34. Hi I’m Tim I’m looking for help to start a business I want to start a food trailer / concession trailer I’ve been in food industry for 20 years off and on I’m also I’m a bbq team this is my 2 year doing that if u could help is be thank full

  35. Please let me in on how to get it my pockets are crying please thank u and my husband needs a lawyer in a bad way before he gets deported please situation critical

  36. Name: Johnson Amah

    Give me money.
    Greetings. Firstly, I need money to pay my mom back. She gave me some money to keep for her and I used it for ponzi scheme (MMM) .its been 5months now and am yet to get the money back. This has made me to borrow to pay my rent and feed. I want to pay her back and all the folks I borrowed money from.
    Secondly, I desire to do my master degree ,but I lack the funds to commence it.
    Thirdly I write motivational and gospel songs but I lack funds to do a studio recording.
    Fourthly, I need money to finish building the bungalow my mom started building while she was working.
    Lastly, I need money to buy equipment for an audio visual studio.
    I would be glad if you help.
    Your faithfully,
    Johnson Amah.

  37. Hi,

    Give me money.

    Im Willie Ong from Malaysia. Recently i closed down my cafe here in malaysia and currently facing financial problem. im in need of Ringgit Malaysia 40k to pay off all my debt which the deadline is nearby.

    Can you please help me out ?

    Hope for your urgent reply.

    Thank you

  38. Dear sir /medam
    I m lokesh kumar jain from india i need some money because i lost my business with a big loss and I have no work this time I puzled from my life I again start business I have 2 daughter my cell no is 9828079172 my email id

  39. Give me money now!!..
    My name is Darra Glover and I Need Help as soon as possible!!. I was blessed with 3 more days at this hotel and need help to get a car to get to work and to pay for a place to stay…
    Please help me with $60,000!! I will be able to subcontract myself and truck and work for MYSELF!!!
    Thank you!

  40. I work in sales and my industry has been very slow for months. I only make commission and can’t pay my bills or take care of my family. Please help

  41. I really could use some money I am a new single money that needs to pay my bills please help me out so I don’t los3 my place

  42. Give Me Money… I need money to finance the last step that needs to be made so that I can start my new life after years of domestic violence. The last step is job interviews, my teeth are in desperate need of help I am embarrassed to even talk to people sometimes. Ive obtained 2 Associates Degree and got out of that abusive relationship and now that its time to utilize my degrees, my smile will kill it.

  43. I had all my money stolen from me by my alcahaulic guardian, please don’t say anything to anyone but I could really use some money to get back up on my feet again please

  44. hi i really need money for funding the business that will help mw as much it will help community the name of the programm is Jamalife im not working so its har

  45. Worked all my and once felt like life was great Goodyear tire closed and went to China and my life and retirement and happiness went so fast. I’M 52 and nothing but bitterness. I hope some goodness would come in my life before I leave this life. Amen

  46. Hey my name is Takeisha and I want free money because I can’t provide for myself and I need money Desperately.

  47. Give me money to help me take care of my two stepsons. I need to buy food and pay our house bills and phone bill. I would really appreciate it if I could get some money to do this. Ive been struggling because my new born passed away recently. It’s hard on me n my two boy.

  48. Sir plzzzzz help me I am in need of money to pay my college and tutions fees so if you are able tu give me money plzzzzz give me money and take me out from this problem this is my kind request for u sir

  49. Pls dear ,my son is suffering from hearing problem so he has a small operation and fixed the hearing matching cost is £18000 so I can’t spent above money because I am working low in come job if you help me it is gratefully ,my phone number is +940719704593 and bank detail is hatton national bank in sri Lanka,ac,018020406441 thanks god bless you (web

  50. Hello my name is Wendy avalos I live in Southern California I live with my parents I have 4 teen boys and a 20 year old girl my fiancé lives with me to. I would love to have money to be able to help my parents ,as well as give my boys any thing they want but I can’t afford it it makes me sad. I had just got accepted to Azuza Pacific University to study psychology but can’t afford it so had to postpone my plans. I was married for 10 years to an abusive man thankfully I’m divorcing him thing is I have never had a big wedding and my fiance is saving up for it but the way things are looking its either big wedding or engagement ring wish I could have both. Well I believe their is still great people out their who may help people like me you people are a blessing. Thanks please give me money

  51. Give me money so I can pay my bills and trips I’m struggling to make ends meet I when I don’t get a pay check from work

  52. give me money_we are living in the war zone_I need any little help I can get to take my family to a saver place
    Phone number:+211924132926

  53. I need money to pay bills and buy grocerys !!! Past due on rent and power is pending shit off !! Please help

  54. Give me Money!!! I would like to know if I could get $10,000 to $15,000. What would the money be going to? It would be going to college and medical address is:107 grace terace,stone monuntain,and ineed money to travel back to my country from where i am now..ineed money…

  55. Please give me money.
    My name is Jessica. And I am a 22 year old burn victim survivor. I suffered 3rd degree burns to my neck, entire right arm, and both thighs. I have successfully learned how to walk again thanks to the people at the intensive care unit in the burn clinic at the Maricopa hospital in Phoenix. And I am working very hard to keep the movement in my arm and neck with the help of physical therapy. But its always a struggle getting to my appointments since I no longer have a car as it was burned to no use in the fire.
    On March 16th, 2017 a gas can exploded inside my car, leaving me in intensive care for 5 weeks with 3rd degree burns that required 7 surgeries to get skin grafts on 35% of my body. Since then, it has been a struggle getting to and from my appointments since I no longer have a vehicle to drive. I have to go to the burn clinic every two weeks for check ups on my burns. I have to go to physical therapy three times a week to have my skin moved and stretched so that I am able to move. And more importantly, I have to be able to be able to get to and from work to pay off my medical bills. Please help me, I can’t do this alone

  56. Give me money I am a single mother of 4 currently going through a hardship just trying to take care of my children and do something productive with my life . i need money just for everday living and bills

  57. Give me money! I just had a child and I’m not able to work but my little baby girl needs stuff such as bottles and clothes and other essentials I also need a few things to make it till I can go back to work please!

  58. Sir plzz help me I am in need of money to pay my college and tutions fees and take some books so if you are able to give me money plzzz give me money and take me out from this problem this is my request for you plzzzzzzzzzz sir

  59. Dear sir
    I need money to do business. I am from kashmir . I am fed up because every second day in kashmir strick and curfew . I have big family lots of responsibility on my sholder . Please help me to do good for my family and my six months little daughter please help me it’s u r most kindness

  60. Am ritah 2o years old from uganda a student with no money to pay for my fees and hostel please help me out with $1o,ooo thanks

  61. Am ritah 2o years old from uganda a student with no money to pay for my fees and hostel please help me out with $1o,ooo 0778896465 is my mobile number thanks

  62. Thank you for the hard work you’re doing. Please give me money so that I can pay off my credit cards! I have been spending money to support my parents who needed my help to recover from hardship and sickness! I had to rely on credit cards that has built over 10,000 $ now that I am unable to payoff! I appreciate your response!

  63. Give me money, my father, aunt and grandaunt just passed away and I have to leave to go to Jamaica for their funerals and handle their properties. I had to quit my jobs as i will be away from home for at least 2 months. I’m a full time student having to take a semester off due to these deaths. I have bills to pay still and don’t even have enough money for spending. I’m in desperate need of help as I’m overwhelmed and stressed.

  64. Give me money!

    Hi, my name is Christina Tran and I am a college student and am in need of help to finish my last semester of college. I got into a lot of debt trying to help my family become citizens and had to pay a lot of money for their green cards. I also had to help them save our home because it was being foreclosed. We do not make enough money to pay our bills and also buy food

  65. Need money now, I need money now so I can start doing better, the money you send me, $4k to get my car, something that is good on gas, a family car, I’ll donate 10% to my church, it needs help in repairs, get the church a new van, the one they have now, is old, has mold, and no choice but to use it to go pick up the children, I’ll also donate another 10% to charity, and also give back to my parents for being there for me. So please I been praying everyday for a financial miracle.

  66. I need money for starting online investments which i am very much interested but i dont have startup capital.i am very much interested in bitcoin etc investmestments but since i am uneployed i am having a problem of starting but i know how and where to do or start?

  67. Hello, if this is real, life savers u all b, I’m in a rut, I’ve had no luck in finding a new job I have outstanding fines probation fees bills kids birthdays Halloween is right around corner….if its real, really really appreciate tha help, none anywhere

  68. Give Me Money
    I really need at least $5,000 for bills and to pay my debt to my friends and family. It would really help me out and I would really appreciate it

  69. Give me money!

    I’m finishing up my masters degree in philosophy and I’ve run out of aid. The drop period is within two days. Please help

  70. I want money plz about 1500$ sorry if that’s too much my family is going threw hell made a YouTube to get money and not getting anything

  71. Give Me Money!

    Hello my good brother in Christ,

    First of all, thank you so much for the best offer. Thank God, He showered to you and your group for the kindness heart.

    Please reach me through my email below on how could I partake the blessings of knowledge you have. By the way, I’m from Philippines, Cebu one of the developing City in Philippines but from my end, I am really in need for my Family.

    Thank you and hoping for the best blessings.

  72. Give me money!!!!!!! …. I have lost everything… times is hard and trying to find jobs hard has gotten even harder . Jobs are scarce where I am from.. especially good paying jobs. Hard to make it when it’s just the one bringing in the money. McDonald’s just doesn’t pay enough to cover the rent. I’m asking for a little help to just get back on my feet. My issue is no vehicle.. And it makes it hard to get to work when you don’t have a vehicle.. there is no buses here . And I have to walk everywhere I go. So if you can please help me with a little bit to put towards a vehicle then It would be much appreciated ..ty

  73. I nedd money I’m the only one work my wife and stepson are disable and I need help please my bills are going higher I need 1000 please ty

  74. Give me money. I need some money for start up capital. I need $50 000.00 as a start up capital for my business.

  75. Give me money, please. Looking to specific amount to finally end the repeating cycle of homelessness and to pay for funeral costs. My dad is dying anytime now and we both are broke with no funding to stay off the streets.

  76. Give me money!! I have two kids and a wife, we only have one car that is in pretty roughy shape!! Please help me to get us a vehicle that is safe and reliable for my family!! Thank you

  77. Give me money.I need the money to pay some dept and to pay for my kids school fess and to takecare of my family.Iam a pastor.This is my account detail. GTB. 0037195947.

  78. Give me money.I am19 year old college. Student. Ive been through quite a deal within. My life time. I was taken from my mom as a baby she chose drugs over me. Passed around by family. Then left to fend for myself. Homeless and still went to school and worked hard. I was adopted then abuses and raped and when I became. Pregnant. Was beat until I lost baby. Now in college and struggling to pay for classes. I just want a stable place to live and a education. I need help so if you. Can please I need it!I’m at my wits end

  79. I just want to be able to pay off my bills and get a fresh start. I’m only a couple grand down and work 40 a week to make up the gap, but this would really be appreciated and super helpful! Thank you for what you do!

  80. Dear friend not sure if this will reach you in time I’m a newly divorced father of 3 who’s ex wife could no longer deal with my extreme dreprssion cycles in light of us sharing 3 boys together she left me for another man I’m currently on my last dollar on a horrible motel this weekend I looking for someone anyone to give me $4500 to pay all my bills that have accumulated over the last month due to me be in and out of clinics for depression with no health care I’ve exhausted all resources my only chance of not being homeless come sept 10 is to move back to Indiana to stay with my sister 611 miles away from my 3 boys I have job interviews lined up for sept 12-15 but I need funds in order to stay I also have social security services stepping up to help me with anti depression pills in 2 weeks I plea with you to help with struggle is real and true. Thank you for your time

  81. I need money to pay my home loan. For my home loan i cannot live in piece in my family. Please help me and my family to remove my poverty. Thanks a lot.

  82. I really need help. Someone please help me with my business. I can ldciss my GoBank card and you could download money on if…I am so desperate I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help.

  83. Give me money​
    I need​ money to pay bills. I’m a disabled man, on a fixed income. I need $1300 by the 14th. If I don’t have it, I’ll be put out. Please help me and my family.


  84. Give me money

    Hello there my name is Afioae. I need $2000 for the bond of our New house. I am pregnant with my first child and my partner and my sister are struggle with work as well as they’re working for seasonal. Please help us

  85. Hi I don’t really know if this will work but I’m really hopping so my names demetriea and I need 3,497 to pay my college funds please help

  86. Give me money
    I need money to fix my car so i can get to work and take care of my wife and two daughters. Times are hard and i have been real stressed and worried on how to fix the problem. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you thank your l for your time

  87. I am sorry to disturb you. I really in trouble, please you help me!
    I need $2300 fast to pay for college. Could you help me? Your are too rich. You have a lot of money. Please give me some money. My bank account: Laos development bank(LDB )
    Account number: 0300 6004 1001 8116
    Account name: Ms CHANSOUDA SITHTHIXAY. I will wait you. Thank you for…

  88. Am a student I lost my mum and am the only one taking care of my self and kids sister for 3years now it’s has not been easy for me I need help from you please I need money to pay for my school fees and start up a business that can be giving me income to take care for me and my younger once

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